Thursday, July 23, 2009

An interesting, amazing summer!

Summer 2009 is turning out to be quite interesting, filled with unexpected blessings and adventures! In addition to our little herd of sheep, flock of chickens, and a llama, we have acquired two dairy goats and two livestock guardian dogs, which are Great Pyrenees. Pictures of these newest additions are coming soon! As far as the dairy goats, we are LOVING learning a new skill in milking a goat, and are enjoying the fruits of our labor. We get over a gallon a day of fresh, vitamin-packed goat's milk, and it is surprisingly delicious!

Then, just a couple weeks ago, we found out that Carrie and Paul are expecting a new little Zkiab in February 2010! Of course, they are aiming for February 14th, because all of their anniversaries and special days have to be on a holiday ;) ;) We are thrilled to be an aunt and uncle again, and our littles are thrilled to have another cousin! Congrats, Paul and Carrie!

And last week, we were privileged to begin cleaning and doing small repairs on another pro-life mission home. We had a blast as the young adult group Gravity joined us in the cleaning... and once again, they did an amazing job. Pictures of this to come soon as well!

We'll keep you posted on any new adventures, which are sure to come!

Precious time with the Reed family and Carrie and Brycen!!

Sheepies and llama